Neil Dalvie

PhD Candidate, Love Lab, Department of Chemical Engineering

Neil Dalvie is a PhD candidate in the laboratory of J. Christopher Love, the Raymond A. and Helen E. St. Laurent Professor in Chemical Engineering. Dalvie works to develop alternative methods of manufacturing medicines that could improve global access to life-saving interventions like vaccines. Using a yeast organism as a low-cost manufacturing platform, Dalvie and Love have improved production of a vaccine candidate for rotavirus and designed several vaccine candidates for Covid-19, one of which is in clinical development. In parallel, Dalvie has worked to improve tools for genetic engineering of alternative manufacturing hosts. Within an MIT-led consortium of industrial partners, Dalvie and Love hope to create yeast strains that will enable low-cost manufacturing of additional classes of medicines like monoclonal antibodies. Dalvie earned a BS in chemical engineering from Northwestern University and is pursuing a PhD in chemical engineering at MIT.

Neil Dalvie is speaking at MIT Better World (Health) on February 18, 2021.