Awele Uwagwu ’21

Undergraduate Student, MIT

Awele Uwagwu is a senior majoring in chemical engineering and minoring in energy studies. He is interested in creating and maintaining sustainable energy systems over the course of his career and has become increasingly interested in how software, new technology, and innovative thinking can advance energy ecosystems. At MIT, he has worked in the Green research group to model hydrocarbon combustion and participated in the 2019 MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI) solar spring break, where he took part in a home solar installation and learned more about the energy ecosystem in Los Angeles and the intersection of energy ecosystems and social justice. As a member of the MIT climate action team, he jointly organized a series of informational sessions for the MIT community about solar- and wind-energy technologies. During his MITEI summer Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program project, Uwagwu worked on creating a software model to evaluate the financial viability of solar energy in Nigeria.

Awele Uwagwu ’21 is speaking at MIT Better World (Sustainability) on March 16, 2021.