Professorships at MIT: Empowering Brilliant Educator Innovators

The MIT faculty is a thousand-strong community of researchers, inventors, and doers from every field of inquiry. They are relentlessly expanding the limits of human knowledge and bringing their expertise to bear on the global challenges of today and tomorrow. Professorships created during the Campaign empower distinguished faculty and tap the full potential of rising stars.

 Siqi Zheng

“The world is 55% urbanized right now, but it will be about 68% urbanized in 2050. That means another 2.5 billion people living in our cities,” says Professor Siqi Zheng. Her research centers around building environmental sustainability into these changing cities while maintaining positive economic and social development. Read more →


Stephen Morris

“The PhD program at the MIT economics department is perhaps the best in the world,” says Stephen Morris, the inaugural recipient of the Peter A. Diamond Professorship in Economics, “with a huge focus on and investment in our students.” Read more →


Elly Nedivi

Elly Nedivi explores the brain’s ability to respond to its environment and learn new things, focusing on remodeling the synapses that connect nerve cells into circuits. “Understanding the basis for this plasticity is highly relevant to our ability to repair or ameliorate brain damage,” explains Nedivi. Read more →


Samuel Madden ’99, MNG ’99

It’s an honor to be named the inaugural College of Computing Distinguished Professor of Computing, says Samuel Madden ’99, MNG ’99. For him, the best part is that the professorship provides “resources to help support my students and the research that we do. It also gives me inspiration to keep doing the work.” Read more →


Antoinette Schoar

Antoinette Schoar aims to give consumers and regulators a clearer understanding of finance to help them make better decisions. Read more →


Christopher Voigt

“As synthetic biologists, we’re trying to massively advance the scale of genetic engineering projects,” says Christopher Voigt, the Daniel I.C. Wang Professor of Advanced Biotechnology. “We’re focused on how to build better cells and on what that means for agriculture, medicine, industry, and beyond.” Read more →

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