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Movement / Spring 2023

Kaelyn Dunnell ’25 executes a dance move known as a “stag jump,” as directed by undergraduate researcher Izzi Waitz ’23, while MIT.nano researchers track her movements.

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Moving MIT Forward

Q&A with Julie A. Lucas, Vice President for Resource Development

Community Highlights

Two Stories of Philanthropy in the Department of Architecture

Named professorship and significant discretionary funds are “gifts of confidence”


'Leading Creative Teams' Asks Students to Look Inward to Lead Outward

Class in the Daniel J. Riccio Graduate Engineering Leadership Program prepares graduate students for future leadership positions in engineering and technology

Alumni Say Whiteman Fellowship Gave Them the Freedom to Explore

Fund supporting aspiring astrophysicists and Earth, atmospheric, and planetary scientists marks a milestone

Bianca Champenois SM ’22 Helps Model the Future for Coastal Industries

Mechanical engineering PhD student looks at geophysical systems of land, air, and water to track ocean acidification

Modeling the Marvelous Journey from A to B

Assistant Professor Nidhi Seethapathi seeks to understand why we move the way we do

CashEx Startup Helps Immigrants Build Financial Future

Funded by delta v, digital service is designed to help African migrants to the US overcome banking obstacles

Francesca Riccio-Ackerman Works to Improve Access to Prosthetics

PhD student is designing and building a sustainable care and delivery model in Sierra Leone

Newly Endowed, MIT Sandbox Ensures Enterprising Ideas Can Take Shape

Companies supported by the entrepreneurship program are making a splash

PhD Student Wei-Chen Wang Is Moved to Help People Heal

Research draws on simulated robots to illuminate movement—knowledge that might someday help people come back from injury

The Dynamism of Human Patterns at MIT’s Civic Data Design Lab

Led by urban studies professor Sarah Williams MCP ’05, the lab visualizes data on the movements of people—and moves audiences in the process

Unlocking Age-Old Secrets Set in Stone

Aspiring geologist follows passion as Poitras Scholar at MIT

A Robotic Helping Hand for Aging in Place

Mechanical engineering professor Harry Asada works on tools that may be able to help elderly people retain their independence