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Questions / Fall 2017

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From the President

President's Letter: Questions and Answers

Scientists from MIT, Caltech, and the National Science Foundation confirmed a prediction Albert Einstein made a century ago: directly observed gravitational waves caused by the collision of black holes.


What Questions Drive MIT Grad Students?

Gifts to MIT supporting graduate fellowships make it possible for exceptional students to come to MIT in search of answers


How Does Water Behave at the Nanoscale?

Hint: not how you'd expect

Actions and Outcomes

Behind the syllabus of a deep dive into science and policy

A New Environment and Sustainability Minor

When it comes to the environment, MIT students aim not only for understanding but for action

How Will the MIT Libraries Help to Answer Tomorrow’s Big Questions?

“We connect people to ideas and knowledge that they didn’t know they were looking for,” says director Chris Bourg

How Do Governments Shape the Course of Innovation?

Economist Daron Acemoglu examines how inclusive political structures embrace disruptive change

How Can We Transform 21st-Century Education?

The new Abdul Latif Jameel World Education Lab will develop and scale up solutions for all learners

How Can We Defeat the Growing Threat of Antibiotic Resistance?

For MIT researchers working to hold the line against infection, step one is to know your enemy

How Does the Brain Connect Smells with Behaviors?

For Gloria Choi, olfactory cues are a gateway to some of the brain’s greatest mysteries

What Planets Beyond Our Solar System May Harbor Life?

The TESS mission will scan our cosmic neighborhood to identify 50 top candidates

How Can an MIT Undergrad Help to Tackle Heart Disease?

Through SuperUROP, Ebenezer Nkwate ’17 spent his senior year learning to build synthetic genetic circuits

Artifacts of the Future

Architect William O’Brien Jr. opens archetypal forms to new interpretations

Prototyping Real-World Problems

An excerpt from Luis Perez-Breva’s “doer’s manifesto” on innovating

A Community of Trust

Unrestricted gifts signal a strong belief in MIT’s mission

Fully Immersed

Remarks by Julia Sun ’15 at MIT Better World (London)

Investing in the Greater Good

Patricia Dineen PhD ’80

A Call to Action

Warren ’95 and Teresa Ross