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MIT Better World

Making / Fall 2019

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From the President

Making the Future

As Professor Marty Culpepper SM ’97, PhD ’00 tells it, he spent his childhood breaking things. Most of the time, he put them back together


Video: Minds and Hands at Work

A look inside MIT’s maker culture


Met Warehouse Renovation to Include Maker Hub

For more than a century, the red-brick Metropolitan Storage Warehouse with its crenellated tower has been a formidable presence at the corner of Massachusetts Avenue and Vassar Street

A Deep Dive into Design

Class brings perspective to the creative process

Fostering Creativity

Makerspaces across campus invite tinkering and spark joy

Making (Almost) Anything

Neil Gershenfeld outlines the impact of fab labs

Customizing the Physical World

Stefanie Mueller advances personal fabrication for all

Sensor Boosts Cancer Fight

MIT-engineered tech to guide radiation therapy

Fabrication Goes Global

Grad students run maker workshops in Kenya

Chemistry for a Cure

Ronald Raines applies fundamental science to target disease

To Fuel the Future, a Look Back

An excerpt from Jump-Starting America

Inspired by Architecture Faculty

Thomas PhD ’04 and Lily Beischer

A Harmonious New Addition

Building will give music a major lift