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MIT Better World

How we learn / Spring 2016

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From the President

President's Letter: The MIT Campaign for a Better World

We invite you to join us in meeting the challenges and in the creation of the future.


At a Glance: MIT's Newly Announced Initiatives in Education

New initiatives in learning to improve education from pre-K to high school, online, and around the world


IDEAS for New Educational Models

Since 2001, the MIT Priscilla King Gray Public Service Center’s IDEAS Global Challenge has helped more than 100 teams implement projects to improve the quality of life in 44 countries.

Rewards and Struggles

A design and planning course wrestles with questions of identity, voice, and democracy

The Incredible, Edible Pneumatic Interface

A reception on campus one evening this past January featured an unusual cooking demo. Or at least, it would be unusual if this weren’t MIT, where technologically enhancing a glob

A Digital Boost

Twice a year, the Office of Digital Learning’s MITx Grant Program provides a new round of funding for the development and operation of online modules that leverage the edX platform;

Behind the MOOC

Since the edX platform was launched in 2012 by MIT and Harvard, MITx has reached more than 1.7 million unique enrollees from 195 countries. Enrollments are one way to measure

Where the Data Flows

Undergraduates get a taste of environmental fieldwork in the shadow of a volcano

Sustainability in Action

For S-Lab students, the scale is global, and the stakes are real

Springs and Guts

MIT undergrads get under the hood of literature

Cornering Cancer

Collaborative “systems biology” approach could steer tumors into submission

The Chirp Heard Across the Universe

By the time it reached Earth, the chirp was far too weak to be detected by humans. But the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) detectors heard it—first in Livingston, Louisiana,

The New Urban Narrative

From Korea to Mexico, Dennis Frenchman reshapes city centers around technology

Digital Ocean

Modeling the diverse world of phytoplankton opens up a predictive view of our own

Reimagining the MIT Campus

This spring, MIT marked the centennial of its transformation from Boston outpost to Cambridge icon. The festivities culminated in May with “Moving Day,” a community parade, pageant, and floating spectacle.

Why We Give

A gift to MIT may be based on a deep personal connection to the Institute, or to the questions and problems it strives to answer and solve. Gifts may be