A Strong MIT Core

MIT has long been a powerful magnet for brilliant minds from across the globe. But attracting top talent requires more than the promise of an exceptional community. Students need to know they will have the resources to focus on their passions, and faculty need to know they will have support for their game-changing ideas. Undergraduate financial aid, graduate fellowships, reinvigorated residential spaces, and faculty professorships are crucial to ensuring MIT can continue to draw and nurture outstanding people. And the entire MIT community requires the education, research, and innovation facilities that will allow it to collaborate, flourish, and realize its exceptional potential.

Many of these essential core needs are supported by unrestricted gifts to MIT, which fund a broad array of activities and services on campus. Unrestricted funds support the Institute’s core value of need-blind admissions and need-based financial aid, ensuring that every student who has earned admission can enroll, regardless of family circumstances. They are there to give a boost to innovative, outside-the-box ideas that traditional grantmaking entities might consider too risky to fund. And they aid the renewal and evolution of MIT by giving the Institute the flexibility to meet unexpected opportunities and challenges head-on.

Published in April 2016.

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