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Julie A. Lucas
Vice President for Resource Development

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MIT innovators don’t shy away from an uncertain future—they work to shape it for the better. Forming new collaborations across disciplines, our faculty and students seek out bold solutions and groundbreaking advances. Whether it’s the future of the climate, or of health care, or of AI, “there are problems to solve,” says one researcher, “and if anyone can solve them, it’s going to be MIT students.”

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The Climate Project

The Climate Project is a whole-Institute mobilization through which MIT will become one of the world’s most prolific and collaborative sources of technological, behavioral, and policy solutions for the global climate challenge within the next decade.

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The Whole Student Experience

Our students are going to do incredible things, both at MIT and beyond. But incredible things aren’t easy. MIT strives to educate the whole student by supporting academic success, fostering community and individual well-being, and cultivating personal and intellectual growth—helping students become leaders who invent the future and build a better world.

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A Campus for Today and Tomorrow

Interdisciplinary labs and world-class makerspaces. Dynamic arts facilities and distinctive residences. Collaborative classrooms and celebrated landmarks. The ongoing reinvigoration of MIT’s campus opens the door to achievement, today and beyond.

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Basic Research

Asking big questions, then asking many more, can change the course of humankind. MIT’s students, faculty, and researchers fearlessly traverse the arc of scientific discovery, pursuing new knowledge today to face the unknowns of tomorrow.

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Faculty and Researchers

Creative, curious people are the sparks that drive MIT’s problem-solving engine. Blurring boundaries and boldly turning problems into opportunities, these brilliant minds and hands fuel MIT’s mission to best serve the nation and the world.

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Innovation for Impact

MIT has long been a model of innovation and entrepreneurship in action. The Institute’s uniquely potent innovation infrastructure helps catalyze the translation of big ideas into products and policies with serious social impact.

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Reinventing Education

Education continues to encounter the forces of great change. At MIT, we are unleashing new endeavors to reshape the learning experience, opening an expanded portfolio of offerings to the world, and creating a learning-living environment charged with opportunity.

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