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MIT Better World
Spring 2023


A dancer in motion with the titles "Spectrum" and "Movement" overlaid.
Spring 2023


On a campus full of people not known for standing still, “movement” manifests itself in many ways across MIT—from biomechanics and predictive modeling to collective action and economic mobility to transportation and quantum spin. No matter their area of focus, our faculty, students, and staff will always find a way to drive things forward.

In this issue


Moving MIT Forward

Q&A with Julie A. Lucas, Vice President for Resource Development

Community Highlights

Two Stories of Philanthropy in the Department of Architecture

Named professorship and significant discretionary funds are “gifts of confidence”


'Leading Creative Teams' Asks Students to Look Inward to Lead Outward

Class in the Daniel J. Riccio Graduate Engineering Leadership Program prepares graduate students for future leadership positions in engineering and technology

Focus On: Movement