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MIT Better World

Global Health / Fall 2020

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From the President

Strength Built Through Research

The Covid-19 pandemic is teaching us every day what it means to confront a truly global problem. From the sudden reordering of daily life to the most tragic personal consequences,


Algorithms for Art

Class takes deep dive into the making of computer graphics

Global Health

Global Perspective

New book features 50 speculative architectural projects

The Art and Science of Staying Grounded

Mindy Bishop finds connections between artificial intelligence, sustainable energy, and patient care

Modeling a Visionary Future

Hyodong “Hyo” Lee builds brain-inspired neural networks to help machines see like humans

A Passion for Positive Change

Brittny Chong seeks social action through immersive technologies and data analytics

Improving Lives, Through the Lens of Economics

Master’s program from the Department of Economics and J-PAL empowers a young Brazilian economist

The Freedom to Explore

Doctoral student in electrical engineering and computer science bridges labs and disciplines to study human disease

Designing the Future

At MIT, a young architect finds the perfect platform for collaborative learning

Tiny Molecules, Big Impacts

Protein research by chemical biologist provides insights into flu, Covid-19

Vaccine Booster

Jianzhu Chen, professor of biology and a member of the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT, is pursuing a different strategy from most of his colleagues working on

Pandemic Shifts World of Work

Erin Kelly sees opportunities for making jobs better

A Slippery Viral Defense

Katharina Ribbeck works to boost protection offered by mucus

Unnatural Disasters

Historian links health consequences to human actions

Toward Faster Drug Development

Lab of J. Christopher Love forms consortium to speed manufacture of therapeutics

Public Health Drives Undergrad

Shulammite Lim works toward better access, information for all

Neighborhoods Under Pressure

Mariana Arcaya studies how housing stress increases health risks

Scholarship Brings Support Full Circle

Gregor ’92 and Melinda Andrade

A Floral Tribute

Patricia Gao ’21 created this artwork for the official MIT MindHandHeart coloring book, a collection of student and staff artwork showcasing MIT’s vibrant community spirit. The coloring book was developed