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MIT Better World

Design / Fall 2022

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Q&A: Fueling Design at MIT

Julie A. Lucas, vice president for resource development, discusses how philanthropy and faculty commitment are contributing to design excellence on campus and beyond


Helping Organizations Learn from Turmoil

Dynamic work design takes a focused approach to tackling challenges


A Scroll Through Class Offerings in Design

In fields as diverse as aerospace, theater, and neurobiology, classes reveal logical, practical, and rigorous approaches to design

Norhan Bayomi, Inspired by Hollywood Icon, Takes on Climate Change

Entrepreneur-DJ pushes boundaries in technology, art

Biologist Amy Keating Designs Proteins to Thwart Disease

Lab draws on advances in computational tools to explore creating proteins from scratch

MIT System Design and Management Alum Makes Productivity Portable

Founder of Mobile Pixels credits MIT with giving him the skills to launch his company and thrive through the pandemic

Inspired to Heal the Human Heart

Ellen Roche combines robotics, biologics to design cardiac devices

Daniel Jackson Takes a Hard Look at Software Design

Professor of computer science calls for a new, more systematic approach

Ritu Raman Is an Architect of Muscle and Nerve

Mechanical engineering professor designs motor control components to heal wounds and animate “soft” robots

Political Scientist Adam Berinsky Takes Surveys Seriously

Researcher crafts measured approach to capturing public opinion

Elsa Olivetti and Rafael Gomez-Bombarelli Develop New Recipes for New Materials

Faculty lead a collaboration that pairs computational design techniques with machine learning to invent and improve materials

A Big Change for the Home of MIT.nano

Alumna Lisa T. Su ’90, SM ’91, PhD ’94 lends her name to Building 12

Donors Help to Build STEM Opportunities for Young People

Victor Ambros ’75, PhD ’79 and Rosalind “Candy” Lee ’76