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The most recent call for proposals emphasized teaching methods and new kinds of assessments not possible in the traditional classroom. Selected in March, here’s the latest crop of courses set to earn their X:


Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering

Professor Silvija Gradečak (Materials Science and Engineering) and Digital Learning Scientist Jessica Sandland ’99, PhD ’05


Foundations of Information Policy

Professor Hal Abelson PhD ’73 (CSAIL/Media Lab), Principal Research Scientist Daniel Weitzner (CSAIL), and Professor Michael Fischer (Anthropology)


Molecular Biology

Professors Tania Baker and Steve Bell (Biology) and Digital Learning Scientist Mary Ellen Wiltrout PhD ’09


Atomic and Optical Physics II

Professor Wolfgang Ketterle (Physics) and Digital Learning Scientist Saif Rayyan


Quantum Mechanics

Professor Barton Zwiebach (Physics) and Digital Learning Scientist Saif Rayyan


Contemporary African Democracy

Professor Evan Lieberman (Political Science)


Linear Differential Equations

Professor David Jerison (Mathematics) and Digital Learning Scientist Jennifer French PhD ’10


Visualizing the Philippines

Professor Christopher Capozzola (History)