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MIT Better World

Gifts may be directed toward shaping students’ educational journeys, bolstering a line of research, or enabling the Institute to respond nimbly to shifting needs and opportunities. Every donor to MIT has a stake in this special community and the extraordinary work it does. And every gift to MIT—no matter the motivation or the size—has something in common: it is helping to build a better world.

“Education is the great equalizer. It doesn’t matter who your parents are, what they do for a living, how much money they have, what race, ethnicity, gender, or religious background you come from—if you have a great education, you can do whatever you want and follow your dreams.”
—Lydia Kennard MCP ’79

“I was going to MIT no matter what, but I hadn’t realized that I was actually relying on the generosity of an individual to make it possible. As a junior, I had an email exchange with the donor. I decided right then that someday I would create the same opportunity for someone else.”
—Mike Evans ’99, MEng ’00

“With MIT focused on solutions for water, food, and the health of the planet, we want to stay involved and support programs that send MIT students into the world where they can do the most good.”
—Karen ’85, SM ’87 and Perry ’85, SM ’87 Ha

“MIT innovates better than any other university in the world. We wanted to give back in a way that facilitates MIT’s leading role in birthing new companies.”
—Colin ’89, SM ’91 and Erika ’04 Angle

“Ultimately, it is research that raises the quality of life, and if you love science and discovery and people, then you should support basic research.”
—Jonathan Rothberg

“We want MIT to continue to thrive as a force for US competitiveness and to continue to transform the world…. We love the idea of giving back to the Institute that helped us get to where we are today.”
—Mick ’87 and Tiffany Mountz

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