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Opening Doors / Winter 2019

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From the President

President's Letter: Supporting Smartness

A first-year undergraduate once told me that what impressed her most about MIT was learning that “smartness comes in so many different ways.” I had never heard it put quite


Why New Undergraduate Chemistry Labs?

The URIECA modules began in 2007 as a new way to teach chemistry majors the ins and outs of lab work with the types of experiments they might encounter in

Opening Doors: Scholarships

Scholarships at MIT

scholarships are the foundation of MIT's needs-blind admission.

Do It Yourself

By recreating a chemistry professor’s research, students build the foundations for future discoveries

Leading to Green

Janelle Heslop is no shrinking violet. She found a voice for herself and the environment when she was in middle school, volunteering as a junior docent for the Hudson River

Urgent Care

Ari Bronsoler’s economic analysis helps to identify best practices in a struggling health system

A Wide Net to Trap Cancer

Stefani Spranger is exploring multiple avenues for the next immunotherapy breakthrough

Stones and Beams

Ensamble Studio’s Antón García-Abril challenges basic notions about how (and where) buildings can be made

Turning Points: 150 Years of Architecture at MIT

Celebrating the oldest architectural course of study in the United States

This Was Paris

An excerpt from Catherine E. Clark’s book on the changing conventions of photography

Composing History

Tod Machover turns to the past—and a fellow composer—for inspiration