East Campus Renovation: The Next 100 Years

"There will always be artsy, creative, queer, quirky East Campus types at MIT, and they will find each other and build a community somehow."

Allie Stanton ’18
East Campus President, 2017
DormCon Vice President, 2017-2018

Hall kitchens, which were added to the buildings in 1983, will benefit from expansion along with a refreshed layout and efficient electric appliances.
A large community kitchen and lounge space will be added to the ground floor, along with centrally located elevators.
The layout of the common spaces for each hall will offer two lounges and a kitchen for gathering and socializing.
The updated makerspace will be more accessible for users and make it easier to move projects to the courtyard.
Entrance lounges will provide natural gathering places as students go about their days, and new elevators will make East Campus more accessible.
Updated music practice rooms and fitness rooms will promote student well-being, providing additional venues for artistic expression and exercise.
The courtyard, updated to better facilitate student builds and the health of the stately elm trees, will continue to be an anchor of the vibrant East Campus community.
In 1940, East Campus residents lit up their windows to spell “TECH.”
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