A New Design Hub for MIT

“To understand how design can solve critical problems, we needed a place where we can incubate innovations for the built environment. The Metropolitan Storage Warehouse is on track to become a hub for design at MIT and in the world.”

Hashim Sarkis
Dean, School of Architecture and Planning

towering lobbymakerspacedesign and review spacetwo-story spacedesign studios
The towering lobby space welcomes visitors and sets the tone for the building.
The Project Manus-run makerspace welcomes the entire MIT community.
Double-height design and review space showcases student design work.
Large-scale making projects will come to life in a soaring two-story space.
Open-floor design studios are contemporary and brightly lit.
Greening Roofs to Boost Climate Resilience
New Research Collaboration Aims to Tackle Global Societal Challenges Through Design
Helping Renewable Energy Projects Succeed in Local Communities
Video: Supporting Innovation and Entrepreneurship at MIT
Video: Supporting the Health of the Planet at MIT
MITdesignX Entrepreneurs Share Aim: “Solving Problems for People”
MIT Morningside Academy for Design created as a new hub for cross-disciplinary education, research, and innovation
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