A New Design Hub for MIT

“To understand how design can solve critical problems, we needed a place where we can incubate innovations for the built environment. The Metropolitan Storage Warehouse is on track to become a hub for design at MIT and in the world.”

Hashim Sarkis
Dean, School of Architecture and Planning

The Met Warehouse has long been a familiar presence to the MIT and Cambridge communities.
An innovative renovation project is converting the Met Warehouse into a modern hub for interdisciplinary design research and education and a new home for the MIT School of Architecture and Planning.
In the renovated Met Warehouse, old and new elements of the iconic structure form a symbiotic relationship.
The modern, light-filled lobby will welcome visitors and set the tone for the building.
The spacious auditorium connected to the main lobby will be available to the MIT community for convening and programming.
The Building 3 mixer space features a double-height design space surrounded by classrooms and meeting rooms.
Open-floor design studios are contemporary and brightly lit.
New window openings will add natural light and a view to Vassar Street.
The MIT Morningside Academy for Design will have studios, collaborative classrooms, and exhibition areas in the new Met Warehouse.
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