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MIT Better World

By Kris Willcox

“Whether it’s during surgery, where the stakes are high, or while we are researching ways to innovate and improve our medical procedures, our teams are routinely solving complex medical problems.”

Salemi says he feels “extremely fortunate” to have gotten an MIT education, where the dynamic and diverse learning environment provided both outstanding professional preparation and lifelong friends. He also shares MIT’s steadfast commitment to inclusion and to educating students “of every background, from all over the world.”

“I’ve been humbled and inspired to see the diverse, talented applicants who have been drawn to MIT over the years,” Salemi notes. “We must do everything possible to make sure that these impressive thinkers and future leaders get the opportunities they deserve.”

Today, Salemi remains active in the MIT community; his gifts to the Institute include two scholarship funds established since 2018. “Building a better world includes leveling the playing field across all spheres,” says Salemi.

“Many young people share the curiosity and thirst for learning that drew me to MIT. I hope this scholarship can play a small part in helping them realize their aspirations.”