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Fall 2023

Mentorship at MIT

Fall 2023

Mentorship at MIT

Mentorship can be found all over at MIT, whether it’s senior faculty offering guidance and support to early-career academics, advisors helping students navigate challenging coursework, or peers exchanging practical advice about school and life. For MIT’s faculty, researchers, and students, great mentorship is mutually beneficial. It transcends the day-to-day of teaching, learning, and living to become, in the words of one professor, a supportive route to a “sense of purpose and joy.”

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Mentorship in Action Across Campus

MIT's vice president for Resource Development talks about MIT’s robust mentoring landscape and how alumni and friends can play a part

Community Highlights

Passing the Baton of Science

Hologic-funded Jay A. Stein Professorship of Biology celebrates MIT innovation across generations

From the President

A Trusted Guide Can Make All the Difference

MIT President Sally Kornbluth on mentorship

Spotlight On: Mentorship