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MIT Better World


Drawing from cognitive psychology, neuroscience, public policy, economics, and other disciplines, MITili (pronounced “mightily”) is advancing the science and design of learning and applying insights from its rigorous research to improving in-person and online education both at MIT and around the world.

MITx Digital Learning Lab

The Digital Learning Lab is composed of 16 MIT lecturers, instructors, and postdocs who serve as digital learning ambassadors in their departments, building digital content into the MIT curriculum in collaboration with faculty, developing and teaching MOOCs to a global audience, conducting research on data-driven design, and helping to translate MITili research into practical insights for more effective teaching.

pK-12 Action Group

MIT is home to more than 100 programs dedicated to improving learning in pre-kindergarten through high school. Filling a growing need in STEM education, this new group will build on these existing programs and drive new research, technologies, services, and curricula that benefit learners and teachers worldwide.

Digital Learning Solutions

This group of staff collaborates across MIT’s departments, labs, and centers, enhancing continuing education offerings, and bringing the best digital strategies from across the Institute to serve the growing needs of corporations, executives, and professionals.